I Trust Myself. I Trust the Universe.
I have Faith in Myself. I have Faith in the Universe.
Together We Create Everything. Together We Fear Nothing.

DR. Marjan Dorkhan

When I started our sessions, I was excited, thinking Marjan would give me answers to my problems, but instead, I found her challenging me to find my answers within. I found it very frustrating at first but today, seeing the long-standing effect, trusting I have the answers to all my existing and future problems, inside and at all times, I can not find the words for my gratitude to her and her unique approach as a coach. 

Natalie B.

Marjan is a brilliant listener with the warmest heart shining through her. I felt so safe to open my heart to her in full and trust that it would be in most caring hands. She had that effect on me instantly and throughout the whole time, we worked together.

Sarah H.

Marjan’s non-judgmental, warm and genuine style of coaching, made me feel I could share anything about my past and relationships, without feeling shame or bad about anything. Thank you for that. 

John H.

Marjan is truly one of the most insightful and informed individuals, in the matter of heart issues. I felt so safe with her as she used her skill full ways and effective tools, to guide me to where I am today, happier than ever. 

Emilia E.

I want to praise the authenticity in Marjan’s supportive approach which is so rare and valuable. I am so grateful our paths crossed. I don’t only consider her as an amazing coach but also as a major source of inspiration since she is one of few that actually walks the talk. 

Diane K.

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how to use the tools you have, to learn from pain and grow in ways you never realised was possible.

A Whole-istic Strategy To Mend Your Broken Heart

Discover how to use the tools you have, to learn from pain and grow in ways you never realised was possible.