I Trust Myself. I Trust the Universe.
I have Faith in Myself. I have Faith in the Universe.
Together We Create Everything. Together We Fear Nothing.

DR. Marjan Dorkhan

Outward appearances are often deceptive, and people are very adapt at hiding their feelings and their inner turmoil. 

Take me for example.

People often remark that I’m very lucky as I have a loving family life, a great career, no serious health issues and a great circle of friends. Of course – I am very thankful for the things I have, but this is only an outside perspective. Like a lot of other people, the things I have worked for and struggled with have come with a cost, be it mentally, physically emotionally or financially. 

Until a few years ago I was deeply unhappy, In the past I had to deal with a destructive marriage, and the stress of many painful heartbreaks – which piled on the feelings of anger, helplessness, anxiety and exhaustion. Even though on the outside I had everything seemingly in place, everyday was a battle just to feel normal.  

As a focus driven woman trying to achieve ever higher and higher career goals, I repeatably took the wrong routes- and often the longest ones- to happiness! 

I would constantly pressure myself towards the next career high, piggybacking on my long list of academic achievements with different certificates and degrees. At times I felt great, especially when I overcame my weaknesses and along the way creating a comfortable life for myself.

But seriously? How long could this last? This question was constantly burning in me.

Eager to find answers, I grabbed any self-help book I could get my hands on, attended workshops, went on retreats, tried yoga, mediation, you name it…

Thankfully I did not give up… 

Until one day I woke up with a profound, yet simple realization about life that made my heart sing and smile. This is when I knew my Big Shift had come. 

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how to use the tools you have, to learn from pain and grow in ways you never realised was possible.

A Whole-istic Strategy To Mend Your Broken Heart

Discover how to use the tools you have, to learn from pain and grow in ways you never realised was possible.